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One of the resources I used in my work on my Doctor of Ministry degree about the impact of Dietrich Bonhoeffer on twenty-first century preaching and preachers was Mark DeVine‘s book, Bonhoeffer Speaks Today: Following Jesus at All CostsI found the book to be very helpful and practical. Below is a review by Steve Baker… 

In the author’s introduction, DeVine qualifies the title by specifying that his work is an attempt to apply certain aspects of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s thought to the contemporary religious life of evangelical Christians. He acknowledges that this specificity is somewhat problematic in itself. This is due to the difficulties of defining evangelical in today’s church environment. In fact, I would further qualify his intent by saying that it seems pointed most directly toward certain “popular” elements of contemporary American evangelical Christian life. In the end, DeVine accomplishes much of what he sets out to do. Most importantly, he does so in a way that is accessible not only to well read clergy but the serious lay audience as well.

The first chapter consists of a brief overview of the life and work of Bonhoeffer as a way of giving historical context to the application in the following chapters. This reader found the chronology a bit confusing at times. It left me wanting a fuller treatment of his life, particularly the last decade when Bonhoeffer found himself increasingly entangled in German church struggles and state intrigue. Perhaps this was due to the limitations of space in such a work as this. At any rate, this is not a major impediment to grasping the critique that Bonhoeffer’s work brings to popular American evangelicalism.

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