Dietrich Bonhoeffer provides some very practical information on the spiritual discipline of scripture meditation for us twenty-first century followers of Jesus. For example, he asks and then answers the question…

What text, and how long should the text be?

It has proven helpful to meditate on a text of approximately ten to fifteen verses for a period of a week. It is not good to meditate on a different text each day, since we are not always equally receptive, and the texts for the most part are much too long for that.

Notice now that his next words are addressed to preachers…

Whatever you do, do not take the sermon text for next Sunday. That belongs in your sermon meditation time (Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Meditating on the Word, 34).

I am glad Bonhoeffer made that distinction even though it means for us preachers, that our time in scripture meditation is two-fold. We need the meditate on the scriptures for spiritual nourishment and we need to meditate on the Sunday’s text for the understanding and application of God’s Word for His people.

My next post will look at the time of time we should meditate according to Bonhoeffer.