In Dietrich Bonhoeffer‘s book, Meditating on the Word, he points out that we should meditate on God’s Word in the morning before we begin our work (34). How long then should we meditate?

A half hour is the minimum amount of time which a proper meditation requires. It is, of course, necessary that there be complete quiet, and that we intend to allow nothing to divert us, no matter how important it may seem (34).

Bonhoeffer was convinced that meditation was the key to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the richness of God’s Word. The twenty-first century is an age of short-cuts. But can we afford to short-cut our time in prayerful, reflective meditation of the Scriptures? It would be better to heed the words of Bonhoeffer:

We dare not allow ourselves to cease from this daily engagement with the Scripture… (35).

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