In the latest issue of Christianity Today, there is an interview of Richard Foster. Foster is probably best known  for writing Celebration of Discipline. He was asked the question, “What were key influences in your early Christian faith?”, Foster responded that the youth pastor in his church was the first key influence. The second was Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his writings…

…especially The Cost of Discipleship. His writings was the only place I could find serious engagement with discipleship. And that probably saved me from abandoning the faith. If all that stuff I read in the Gospels were really true, then that should change everything, but when I looked at the churches in my youthful idealism, I didn’t see it.

But I saw it in The Cost of Discipleship.

And then, of course, his story was compelling because of his own marthrdom. So I clung to that. I still have the old book, taped together (Christianity Today, September 2008, 42).

Without Dietrich Bonhoeffer, it is very possible that Christianity would not have been blessed with Foster’s inluence on the spiritual disiciplines.