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Dietrich Bonhoeffer was involved in the German intelligence called Abwehr. What was it? Below is from Spartacus Educational

Abwehr was the German military intelligence organization. After Adolf Hitler came to power Abwehr often came into conflict with the Nazi controlled organizations, the SD Security Service and the Gestapo.

In January 1935 Wilhelm Canaris became the new head of Abwehr. Soon afterwards he negotiated an agreement with Reinhard Heydrich about the role of the two organizations. However, both continued to train their own spies for duty in Germany and in foreign countries. Hugo Bleicher was particularly successful at tracking down agents in France.

In 1943 several members of Abwehr became active in the resistance movement in Germany. This included Wilhelm Canaris, Hans Oster, Helmuth von Moltke, Hans Gisevius, Josef Muller, Hans Dohnanyi and Peter von Wartenburg.

The Gestapo began to investigate members of Abwehr and Hans Dohnanyi was arrested and Hans Oster was suspended from duty.

In June, 1944 Heinrich Himmler took over Abwehr and after the July Plot the organization was absorbed into the SD Security Service. Over the next few months Wilhelm Canaris, Hans Oster, Helmuth von Moltke, Hans Dohnanyi and Peter von Wartenburg were all found guilty of treason and executed.

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