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Since this blog site was set up to help me complete my Doctor of Ministry degree The Preacher & The Message through Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, I thought I would post the following…

Don’t be a Preacher

By Yancey Arrington | January 20, 2010

Don’t be a preacher…

…if you are thin-skinned. It’s a given that people will take shots at your sermons, even more so, they will take shots at you. Get tough or get gone.

…if you are lazy. Preaching is work. No matter how gifted you are, studying and preparing well should regularly take hours out of your week.

…if you are cowardly. The “whole counsel of God” has parts which will challenge and provoke even the godliest of your congregation. Be ready to “gird up your loins.”

…if you are prayerless. The worst sermons are preached by men who confidently but independently alight upon the pulpit. Only God can bring life to dead men’s bones.

…if you are insecure. Preaching doesn’t need to be about you, but unfortunately it will be if your identity is based on your performance in the pulpit. Let preaching be about God’s glory, not yours.

…if you are loveless. Anyone can preach at people, but loving people leads us to preach to people. How we say something really does matter. Loving people will motivate you to practice this well.

What would you add to this list?

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