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Volume XXV (2005) Spalten 1465-1472 Columns 1465-1472 Autor: Rüdiger Weyer Author: Rüdiger Weyer

WEISSLER, Friedrich, a lawyer, born 28 April 1891,† Chorzów, Upper Silesia (now Chorzow, Poland), † 19 February 1937, Sachsenhausen. – W. was born as the son of a lawyer Adolf W. and occurs occupationally in his footsteps.

Adolf W. was born into a Jewish family, but turned away from Judaism and had his three sons, including Frederick Evangelical baptized.

In Halle an der Saale, he gained high reputation as a lawyer and notary, legal, partly because of his outstanding publications. As an ardent nationalist hurt him the humiliation of his country by the Treaty of Versailles, so much so that he was on 25 June 1919 shot. – Frederick W. has been completed at this time his legal studies and in 1914 his doctorate.

World War II, he participates as a volunteer at the military and survived numerous theaters of war without injury. In 1917, he replaced the Iron Cross, Second Class and promoted to lieutenant. After the war he joined a volunteer corps against revolutionaries.

Being quick legal path continues: Continuation of the clerkship, 1920 Assessor, 1925 as an assistant judge and magistrate in the country (so-called double Judge) in Halle / Saale, 1930 Vice Chairman of the Labor ibid. 1932 Promoted to Director at the Regional Court in the District Court of Magdeburg. Many started by his father’s publication series (including Prussian archives, book form for voluntary jurisdiction, Commentary on the land policy, which appears as short comments Beck’sche Vol 8 still without naming to W.), he continues, he also published numerous articles in legal journals. W. will be released in July 1933 from the civil service, using the so-called Aryan clause.

And although in similar cases – demonstrated excellent World War II participants ( “veterans”) of Jewish descent – was an application of the “Law for the Restoration of the Professional” is often postponed. Was the dismissal for cause is his very moderate, perhaps providing a penalty that he imposed in February 1933 against a defendant who illegally in SA uniforms appear in court, or fruitless W’s refusal to salute in March of this year, publicly endorsed the swastika flag. Mit einem Male ist er ohne Arbeit und ohne Aufgabe, seine Karriere ist abrupt beendet. Suddenly he is no work and no job, his career is abruptly ended.

In numerous petitions and complaints addressed to W. Justice, and even in the realm of the Reich Chancellery, he identifies in detail the violation of the law upon his release. W. desperate as accurate and reliable lawyer, who often began successfully for greater justice to the injustice of the state, which he will now face himself. – 1935 W. published in the journal “Young Church”, the organ of the Confessing Church, an article titled “From the legal significance of the confession.” In it he writes, inter alia, that a different yardstick is inadmissible in addition to or even above the confession, because it contradicts the sole claim to sovereignty of God.

Is a measure bekenntniswidrig, they have within the Church has no legal effect, they may go out, by whom she wanted. Otherwise, would deny the Word of God himself, by his agency to the whim of a valid secular power. “That would rule the world about God.” He turns to during those years all over Christianity and use all his legal acumen on this burning topic of the current church history. This is all the more necessary, as at 1 July 1935, a law comes into force, something beyond the ordinary courts of any jurisdiction in disputes of the church. The Confessing Church is thus largely lawless.

In the first Provisional Church (VKL), the Confessing Church W. is from November 1934 served as legal advisor in the new Provisional Administration (VL), he became in 1936 head office and head of the Office of Ecumenism and the press. May 1936, which is not initially intended for the public. It is concerned with seven major points and 28 plants with supporting documents submitted by W. contributing in large numbers, for an explanation of the VL to secularization and Christianization, destruction of religious orders and the destruction of morality and justice, abuse of the election and oaths, setting of concentration camps and lawless ravages of the state police and education on anti-Semitism and anti-Christianity.

It is the clearest voice of the Church to the Nazi state. W. takes off this time, often in conjunction with the vicar of the Confessing Church, Werner Koch, who has good contacts with the foreign press. After his transfer to the pastorate to W.-Barmen will cook their correspondent activities with the help of his Berlin-based friend Ernst Tillich further. This may be towards the end of May 1936 by W. for a night, the memorandum “for information only” type from the safe at the office.

Tillich makes a complete copy and sells them without the cook and especially without the knowledge of W’s 15 July 1936 about the Reuters news agency. June 1936 had been submitted the memorandum in the chancellery for Hitler. Tillich goes on his pass so assume that the whole matter of weeks after the handover to the main addressee is not so tricky. July The New York Herald Tribune in detail about the occasion and the contents of the memorandum, 12 days later on the front page.

July, the entire memorandum, together with a selection of the plants, which are incorporated in the text (!). September 1936 is dismissed from the service of the W. After long, painful struggles within the BK one notes that the published memorandum, against our will and without any responsibility for the Confessing Church […] in the foreign press, and thus also known in Germany “was. One seeks the “guilty” in his own ranks, even with the involvement of the Gestapo…

There they are repeatedly exposed to long interrogations. Perhaps the published version of the memorandum is incorporated with the comments but back to the Berlin-based journalist and former pastor Hermann Kötzschke. Maybe even the Gestapo had passed the memorial specifically to members of the BK then arrested on a pretext to.

Koch, W. Tillich and would then be the victim of a conspiracy like they from 13 February 1937 brings to the concentration camp of Sachsenhausen. Under W. prisoner number 000526 will be taken into protective custody in the block so-called 07th Da Sach. As for Jewish inmates of Sachsenhausen is not actually provided, it is the only inmate in the cell block with single cells, the “bunker”, where later incarcerated Martin Niemoller. Because nights of brutal beatings W. died in the night in February 1937. His death is initially presented as suicide. Was the dead body is released only at the insistence of the VL and under strict conditions for the funeral. While W. is not set in his prison at the intercession of BK lists, call the pastor is now in the services to for his widow and two sons do intercession.

The first “martyr” of the Confessing Church, a converted Jew.

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