There are twenty eight chapters in Jon Walker‘s  book, Costly Grace. Walker takes a contemporary and helpful look at Dietrich Bonhoeffer‘s classic book,  The Cost of Discipleship.

Chapter 26 is called: “Becoming Like Jesus to Others.” The chapter begins with the following words by Dietrich Bonhoeffer:

“When they are welcomed into a house, Christ enters with them.  They are bearers of his presence.  They bring with them the most precious gift in the world, the gift of Jesus Christ.  And with them they bring God the Father, and that means indeed forgiveness and salvation, life and bliss.  That is the reward and fruit of their toil and suffering.”

Because we are connected to Jesus, we are connected to other Christians.  Life is no longer about us, but about the agenda of Jesus.  Walker points out:

You’re the face of Jesus, showing up in the lives of others on his behalf.  You show up in the hospital; you show up at the funeral; you show up at the wedding; you show up across the fence as you talk to your neighbors.

As his ambassadors, he need to physically be with other people.  Jesus never left a tract on door or table.  The personal touch and the building of a relationship are the best routes to take as we represent Jesus.

Then in the fellowship of the Jesus, we are called to interact with one another.  We are to shock the world in the way we love one another.  The world can actually judge whether or not we are true disciples by our love or lack of love towards each other.  As Christians, we are parts in the body of Christ.  Thus, we don’t have to do everything.  Every Christian has a role in the ministry of the body.

Jesus calls us to support and encourage one another, so even the least of these contributes to the whole, as we do ministry and mission together.

Because of the wonderful grace of Jesus can we sacrifice ourselves for the sake of others:

It is the cycle of grace–Jesus empties himself to leave heaven in order to fill us with his Spirit and that enables us to empty ourselves for others so they will be drawn to Jesus.  Jesus not only models self-sacrifice; he enables us to place the interests and concerns of others as the greater priority over our own.

Simply put, it isn’t about us…It is about others!

An example of Fallen Thinking:

I can live out the Christian faith without the help of Jesus and other other believers.

An example of Kingdom Thinking:

God’s plan for my life is partner with Him for the redemption of the world.

May the love and joy of Jesus flow through all us!