Two reports about the deportation of Jews from Berlin were written by Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Friedrich Justus Perels. Here is the third part of their second report…

III. Conjectures Regarding Destination, Number, and Selection: To the extent that any destinations have been mentioned in rumors, they are without exceptions places in the East. The Berlin non-Aryans were probably transported to Lodz. According to not yet verified communications, the deportation ensued on Saturday (October 18 was the Jewish Sabbath) in three stages: 7 a.m., and around 2 p.m., and around 7 p.m..

Overall, between four and five thousand people were to be deport from Berlin alone. The first wave was said to have encompassed around fifteen hundred.

Those not removed were persons over seventy-five of age, the sick, and the very frail. In general, those who have been mobilized to work were also spared. Families in which work mobilization played a relatively minor role were transported as well.

Those affected appear to be persons who have come into conflict with legal or police regulations. But even the completely “blameless” were also taken. Breaking of traffic laws (e.g., crossing the street on a red light, etc.) was also taken into account.

(Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works: Volume 16: Conspiracy and Imprisonment: 1940-1945, 228-229).