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The ability of a man and woman to live with each other day after day is, as Bill Cosby once observed, “undoubtedly a miracle the Vatican has overlooked.” When you factor in a prolonged sickness like cancer, ALS (“Lou Gehrig’s Disease”) or Alzheimer’s, even the closest, most solid marital ships can find themselves near to running aground.

Regardless of these inherent dangers, those of use who are married have taken vows of commitment, generally before God and witnesses. And, most all of us make this promise to keep these vows “as long as we both shall live” or “until God shall separate us by death” or other equally strong, compelling words. Biblical admonitions about taking vows (Ecclesiastes 5:4, 5, for example) make the seriousness of such promises clear.

Recently on the 700 Club broadcast host Pat Robertson answered a viewer’s question about marriage, divorce and Alzheimer’s Disease. The caller wanted advice on how to speak to a friend who had entered a dating relationship with a lady because his wife had Alzheimer’s and she “as he knows her is gone,” speaking of her mental condition.

Christianity Today reports here.

Let me start by saying that Pat Robertson has done some good things–kingdom things–over the years. He has participated in the public square, as more Christians should. Operation Blessing is a wonderful organization. Many have been impacted by his ministry. When I met him, I found him to be a kind and gracious man. So my evaluation here should not be interpreted as yet another person on the “Bash Pat” bandwagon. Yes, Pat has said some many things I find unhelpful and just wrong, but I am glad I am not on television answering questions for hours each day. We all make mistakes…

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