Dietrich Bonhoeffer had received an invitation to give a radio address weeks before Adolf Hitler came into power. That address was given on the day after Hitler became Reich Chancellor.  The title of address was “The Younger Generation’s Altered View of the Concept of Fuhrer” was a perfect for the occasion.m His address included the following…

If the leader tries to become the idol the led are looking for–something the led always hope from their leader–then the image of the leader shifts to one of a mis-leader, then the leader is acting improperly toward the led as well as toward himself. The true leader must always be able to disappoint. This, especially, is part of the leader’s responsibility and objectivity.  

However, his listeners no longer heard these words since, to his great annoyance, someone at the radio station had switched off the microphone. But he was able to have his lecture printed and circulated it to friends and acquaintances (Ferdinand SchlingensiepenDietrich Bonhoeffer 1906-1945: Martyr, Thinker, Man of Resistance, 117).

Was Bonhoeffer censored by the Nazis?

We may never know?