Stories of Influence by Mel Lawrenz – Bonhoeffer, Einstein, Carey, Luther & Wilberforce


Mel Lawrenz (author of Spiritual Influence and minister-at-large at Elmbrook Church) has created a series of videos called “Stories of Influence” that are well worth watching. Like mini-documentaries, each video tells the story of an influencer from history and highlights how they affected the culture around them in a spiritual way. Each video also highlights a key theme from the book, like perseverance, being a follower of God, and others.

The first video listed below highlights how Lawrenz uses the word “influence” throughout the series of videos and the book. Here’s a quote from Spiritual Influence that also provides a definition:

“Influence is about the hidden forces that make visible results that have an enduring effect. It ties into the core spiritual realities believers know about because they understand the Creator of the universe to be the underlying power and influence behind all things good.”

These videos are professionally made and would be great videos to show at a staff training event, a book discussion group, or even in a small group setting if your group is focusing on leadership. I highly recommend watching them. And note, I didn’t make these videos, so I’m not just schlepping my own stuff here. Mel Lawrenz and his team at The Brook Network made these videos and I think they did a bang-up job. If you have time to watch only one of them, I would watch the video on Dietrich Bonhoeffer just because I think that man’s life and work are fascinating.

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