He came to prefer the Old Testament for his reading. By the time he could begin writing to Bethge, he reported that he read it two and half times since he had been in Tegel. And what impressed him in the Old Testament, much more than in previous years, was the profound “this-worldliness” of the Jews Bible. Now he no longer clung to Kierkegaard’s epitaph…

A short while yet, and it is won

Of painful strife there will be none.

Refreshed by life-streams, thirsting never,

I’ll talk with Jesus forever and ever.

…But rather wrote, as early as January 1944: “I’m still doing fine, working and waiting. By the way, I’m still optimistic in every regard…”

(Ferdinand SchlingensiepenDietrich Bonhoeffer 1906-1945: Martyr, Thinker, Man of Resistance, 229, 352).