Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a very exceptional person, a Christian clergyman who challenged Hitler publicly (even returning to Germany after having escaped for a time first to England and then to America).  The Nazis arrested him in 1943 and Himmler himself ordered him hanged in April, 1945, just a few weeks before the allied liberation of his concentration camp.  Thank God, however, his insightful book, “The Cost of Discipleship“, survived the Nazi book burnings.  I believe that his idea of “cheap grace” explains not only the hollowness of German Christianity, but that of American Christianity as well.

Why has Christianity in America’s Bible Belt been so unable and/or unwilling to recognize the evils of slavery, segregation, black terrorism and white supremacy, if not because of its embrace of the very same concept of “Cheap Grace” ?

How could the unholy alliance of the wealthiest and most bigotted people in America, those who almost worship guns for personal use and can’t spend enough of our nation’s resources on weapons of mass destruction, those who despise the least fortunate among us, and the political party which best represents all those sentiments, get away with calling themselves a “Christian Coalition”, if not because of the prevalence of the notion of “cheap grace” here in America?

We may never know where the Nazis disposed of Bonhoeffer’s body, but this web page hereby erects a shrine to Bonhoeffer’s tremendous contribution to Christianity, the exposure of the heresy of “Cheap Grace”.

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