I am in Lincoln, NE for the 16th Annual Meeting of the Heartland Converge District. The speaker for the Friday night banquet was Pastor Steve Pearson of Big Springs, SD. He preached one the best sermons on prayer that I have heard in a long time. He used the example of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark to illustrate that prayer (and lots of it…not the typical 10 to 30 minutes per day…if that) is the prerequisite to anything new that God does in our lives and in the church.

Steve also referred to the prayer life of Dr. David Yonggi Cho, the pastor of the largest church in the world (around a million members).  Years ago when the church was at 750,000 members, a fellow pastor, whose church was “only” 3000 strong, asked Dr. Cho why his church was so large. Dr. Cho asked him, “How much time do you spend in prayer in day?” and the pastor answered, “30 minutes.” Dr. Cho then said: “That is why your church is so small!”

Dr. Cho spends 5 hours a day in prayer!

Prayer must be the reoccurring old business in our lives and church.