Dietrich Bonhoeffer

We also know from the testimony of a British officer (Payne Best), a fellow-prisoner, of the last service which Dietrich Bonhoeffer held on the day before his death and which “moved all deeply, Catholics and Protestants alike, by his sincere sincerity.” When trying afterwards to keep the imprisoned wives of men executed for their leadership in the plot against Hitler from depression and anxiety, he was taken away. We know that Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who never tried, went steadfastly on his last day to be hanged, and died with admirable calmness and dignity.

God heard his pray and granted him the “costly grace”–that is, the privilege of taking the cross for others and of affirming his faith by martyrdom. 

Memoir by G. Leibholz in  Dietrich BonhoefferThe Cost of Discipleship1961 edition, 26.