One person can make a difference

SEPTEMBER 27, 2013 

Dear Editor,

I believe one person can make a difference. Here are some examples from history where one person made a difference: In America, Rev Dr Martin Luther King; in South Africa, Nelson Mandela; in Germany, Dietrich Bonhoeffer; in India, Gandhi and Mother Theresa; and in Israel, King David made a difference. Yes, one person can make a difference.

In Guyana, I believe one of the people who can make a difference is GHK Lall. I know what some of you readers are thinking ‒ who is GHK Lall? It’s a fact that most Guyanese don’t know him. The truth is though that most great leaders aren’t known before they become famous.

For example, when Dr King was chosen to lead the Civil Rights movement, he was only 26-years-old, and most people didn’t know him. King David was just a teenager working as shepherd when he was called to lead Israel and most people didn’t know him.

Who is GHK Lall?

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