In 1933, after Adolf Hitler came into power, Dietrich Bonhoeffer faced many challenges. One challenge was the definition of the “German Christian”…

The General Church elections were held July 23 (1933), and these plainly forecasted the coming struggle. The “German Christians,” those clergy and layman who took a racist view of the German Church and sided with Hitler, gained 70% of the votes. Early in September the Prussian Gereral Synod, an important organ of the Church hierarchy, agreed to the Aryan Clauses. Only weeks later, Hitler insured that an election would make Army Chaplain Ludwig Muller, an ardent German Christian Reichsbischofthe major governing figure in the German Evangelical Church (William Kuhns, In Pursuit of Dietrich Bonhoeffer48).

How would Christians in twenty-first century America react if the both church leadership embraced teachings that are contrary to the truths of God’s Word?