Chapter 4 of Jon Walker’s book, Breakfast With Bonhoefferis called “Dishwater Disagreements”. 

Bonhoeffer says only Jesus can break through our petty tyrannies, our demands to live life on our terms, and our delusions about what is important in life. To enter the Kingdom, we must come not only to the end of ourselves but we must alter our lives in obedience to the Word of God, Jesus. Only then do we enter God’s grace…  (55).

Bonhoeffer taught me that the free gift of grace also carried costly responsibilities. Think of it like this: Grace is an orchestra you are invited to join. Your membership is free. It is a gift from the maestro who sees a talent in you no one else sees. But joining the orchestra will cost you everything because you have to leave other things behind as you focus on following the maestro and becoming the musician God made you to be (56).

In order to follow Jesus, it will cost us everything!