Friend —

You probably know the powerful history of Germany’s Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

But you might not realize his strong connection to the American black community.

Did you know that Bonhoeffer — one of the first German Nazi resistance leaders — formed his opinions after he visited the US and attended a black Baptist church in Harlem?

It was at that Baptist church — where he also taught Sunday School — that he learned about the black spirituals that have formed so much of our American culture.

He said:

“Here one can truly speak and hear about sin and grace and the love of God…the Black Christ is preached with rapturous passion and vision.”

But it was also there where he observed, with profound sadness, that the church was inept to bring about integration.

The mold was set.

When Bonhoeffer returned to Germany, the Nazi party was rising and he saw no other choice but to take to the radio and speak against their racist policies and engaged the church to denounce them.

He vocally opposed Hitler’s euthanasia program and genocidal persecution of the Jews, telling German Christians to rise up and build a resistance.

He told them:

“We cannot bandage the victims under the wheel, but must jam the spoke in the wheel itself.”

Torn by his faith and his avowed pacifism, he participated in an assassination plot on Adolf Hitler.

But his resistance came with a price. He was hung in a concentration camp in 1945.

Today, we celebrate Bonhoeffer as a martyr because he risked his own life to save others, and to save the soul of a nation.

Imagine if more would have followed Bonhoeffer’s call to live their faith in a secular world — especially in the face of evil.

Friend, the American black church helped to form one of the first and most powerful Nazi resistance leaders.

The black church eventually created more resistance leaders through the years, notably Martin Luther King.

But sadly, the heroes like King and Bonhoeffer are few and far between — and nearly invisible today.

But I believe there are more heros who are undiscovered and need inspired.

That’s why I want to tell Bonhoeffer’s story to my pastors by sending them a biography of his life by Michael Van Dyke.

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In an interview I did with Ben Carson, he told me that we need more Americans to read inspirational stories of people who fight for what is right.

That’s why I want to send Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s story, a student of the black church, to all of the pastors in my network.

Imagine more Americans rising up to resist the soul-crushing leviathan of the welfare state.

Imagine more blacks resisting today’s genocide of the black race with millions of babies killed before they are born.

With your immediate support, this project allows my team to survey my network and identify what they believe, and what we need to do to encourage them to become resistance leaders, again!

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This story is a story of the black church, but it is not well known. I know it can spread. You can make it happen.

Let’s inspire more Americans to resist the growing powers of a corrupt government!

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Your foot-soldier for freedom,

Star Parker