Chapter 5 of Jon Walker’s book, Breakfast with Bonhoefferis called “Jesus Central”. 

Bonhoeffer expressed concern that, when faced with a critical decision  believers often argue from experience or opinion, leaving out any argument from Scripture. He says that when we give greater credence to experience or opinion, we reveal we don’t “seriously read, know, and study the Scriptures.” (62).

Bonhoeffer said, “It’s not our heart that determines our course, but God’s Word.” (63).

When we try to separate Jesus from our relationships, we deny the reality that the life of Christ is active within us. Since that life flows from Jesus through us to others, we actually have to block the flow in order to hide Jesus from our friends, family, or business associates. And this undermines the authenticity of those relationships (68).

Bonhoeffer adds that the world is full of little gods who want to retain their hold over you, and that is why the world is so bitterly opposed to Christ. Some of those little gods are us: We refuse to relinquish our independence from Jesus, insisting we can receive forgiveness but then return to a life of independent living (68-69).

May the Lord Jesus be the center of our lives!