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Gordon College Expels Dietrich Bonhoeffer Because He’s Gay — Christianity Today Magazine Won’t Hire Him Either…

“Gordon College Expels Dietrich Bonhoeffer Because He’s Gay – Christianity Today Magazine Won’t Hire Him Either!” is a headline that would have been insane but understandable in Germany in 1939. Does it make sense in America of 2014?

A few weeks ago I met the president of Gordon College. We both happened to be attendinga reading by Charles Marsh (Commonwealth Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia) from his new book Strange Glory: A Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. The event took place in the glorious Trinity Church of Boston.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German pastor, theologian, and anti-Hitler conspirator, is one of the most inspiring Christian thinkers of all time. His death at the hands of Hitler raised him to a level of a credible witness to the Christian faith like almost no other modern religious figure.

As noted in the Christianity Today review of Marsh’s monumental, definitive (and wonderfully readable) biography of the Protestant saint, the book proves that Dietrich Bonhoeffer was gay.

As the CT reviewer wryly notes: “Marsh makes a convincing case that Bonhoeffer harbored feelings for Bethge that extended beyond friendship…”

A few weeks after the reading the news broke that Gordon’s president D. Michael Lindsay, had co-signed a letter along with the editor of Christianity Today asking the Obama administration to grant Gordon and Christianity Today Magazine and others a “religious exemption” in order that they could legally discriminate against gay men and women… people just like Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

As noted by the Boston Globe:

The president of Gordon College is defending his support for a religious exemption to forthcoming federal regulations banning antigay discrimination, saying his “sole intention” was to affirm the Christian school’s support for religious liberty.

D. Michael Lindsay said he joined other religious leaders in calling for the exemption in order to affirm the “right of faith-based institutions to set and adhere to standards which derive from our shared framework of faith.”

“Signing the letter was in keeping with our decades-old conviction that, as an explicitly Christian institution, Gordon should set the conduct expectations for members of our community,” Lindsay wrote in a statement posted Monday on the Wenham college’s website.

The German church that abandoned Dietrich Bonhoeffer and backed Hitler was ready to work with the Nazis because they believed that the Nazis were upholding Christian morality.

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