I’ll make this disclaimer up front: I am biased.  I’m an Andy Root fan.  Andy was my professor in the Children, Youth, & Family program at Luther Seminary, and honestly, his book Revisiting Relational Youth Ministry was the reason I chose to attend Luther for seminary. So I can’t claim that this book review will come across as unbiased, objective, and critical.

What I can tell you is this: Dietrich Bonhoeffer, maybe more than any other contemporary theologian in the 20th century, is the most read and widely accepted across all Christian denominations.  Mainliners and Evangelicals; liberal and conservative Christians can argue all day long about anything and everything – but mention Bonhoeffer, a lot of heads start nodding in affirmation and agreement.

Andy (sorry, it’s weird for me to call him “Root” or “Mr/Dr Root”) says acknowledges this in his book, Bonhoeffer as Youth Worker, due out October 21st

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