For such a time as this

Awoke with a sense of urgency. It’s three a’clock in the morning. My sense is that we are indeed in a new time with new possibilities. There has been a shift in the heavenlies. Rosh Hashanah ushered in this. It is as though a new door has been opened in heaven. Or as though heaven is open in a new way.
I was recently attending the 24-7 Prayer Euro gathering in Madrid. It was truly an amazing, highly prophetic and very powerful event.
As I was in worship in my first session there, I clearly sensed that Jesus was sitting on a throne in the center of the stage, fully enrobed in royal garments with a crown on his head. There was a red carpet rolled out before him, and my sense was that the access was free to his throne. Anyone could come before him. As we were all…

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