Prayer In Every City

Give ThanksWe are fast approaching the Thanksgiving Holidays, which is a time to focus on family and hopefully the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a time to reflect on our many blessings and thank the Lord for His goodness.

I have searched the Bible to find a verse on thanksgiving. I wanted this verse to contain something new to be thankful for. When I pray to the Lord and thank Him, I usually am thankful for my family, friends, provision and health, but I had to ask myself if I was thankful for what Paul was thankful for.

When I read Paul’s prayers in the New Testament, I am challenged to pray selfless prayers. In Romans 1:8-9 Paul is thankful for the church and their faith. He also prays continuously for them.

I hope you will try to memorize this verse this week. As you memorize it, thank of the many things…

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