(Voice of the Persecuted) The top persecutors grows by the day, but here is our list for 2014.  As you may know, it’s hard to obtain solid numbers on refugees let alone those facing extreme abuses and the many who have been killed. Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, North Korea, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia are among those that rank at the top our list. It’s hard to put a numerical value on countries for human and religious rights abuses, as it can change daily.  We are actively watching these top ranked nations for abuses against Christians and other minorities, including women and children.

2014 is described by the media, and experts as the worst year in history for the persecution of Christians. They liken it to genocide and ethnic cleansing with reports of crucifixions, beheadings, stonings, along with rape, torture, kidnapping  and slaughter.

A representative of the UNHRC describes the numbers as not seen since WWII, with 8…

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