Dietrich Bonhoeffer would be 109 years old if he was still alive!

The Path of Grace

Bonhoeffer1If Protestants were really into saints, then this guy, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, would surely be near the top of the list.  Today would have been his 109th birthday.

If you’re not familiar with Bonhoeffer’s story…let me share it with you.  He is a personal inspiration to me and many others, even some who aren’t religious at all!

He was born February 4, 1906, in Germany.  His family was a well respected and prominent one.  His father was one of the most respected psychiatrists in Europe and his older brother would become a scientist that would eventually work with the likes of Albert Einstein. His mother was a formidable intellect as well, a master musician and thinker who would do much to help shape Dietrich’s thoughts.

Bonhoeffer decided to study theology, a choice that his scientist father and brother thought was a little odd, but they supported him.  They instilled in Dietrich…

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