ISIS has released a new video beheading 21 Coptic Christians from Egypt. This was done in Libya. We put Libya in the top 10 of our countries to watch, at the beginning of the year. And we have reported on the superhighway of terror from the middle east to the Coast of Africa. Libya of all places, where Nato and the West removed what they called an intolerable beast to free the people. Well now there truly is an inexplicable, maniacal beast that has overtaken the people there, and what they are doing to Christians is absolutely mind altering. And the West is silent. Silent. Scrambling to put together 2 sentences about this horror, while the slaughter continues. It was just a few days ago when Gen. Sisi disavowed ISIS, and now this. Now the message we knew was coming. The Holy war has been declared and decried, satanic ideology…

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