Only three days later, people go around with these crosses right on their foreheads.

It’s only three days after the world found out that The 21 died for being The People of the Cross, three days after that incomprehensible video stated they were “chopping off the heads of those that have been carrying the cross illusion in their heads” —-

that people all around the world people wear these sooty crosses right there on their faces, right above their eyes. Right there on their heads, shaping their minds.

Like they want to be known and marked and counted as one of those. One of His.

There are these sooty crosses smudged on countless foreheads and that’s what is murmured like a brave and honest refrain around the world today, words from our Genesis beginning:

Dust you are and to dust you will return. 


Humanity was formed of dust and our human bodies will return to dust.

Three days later people wear it like a like a courageous confession of reality: For all our beautiful bluster — we are just beautiful dust. It’s like this early echo of what will be said over all our graves: “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

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The Call for the Next 40 Days: To the Nations & People of The Cross
The Call for the Next 40 Days: To the Nations & People of The Cross