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Live one day at a time. Plan for the long-term, but the best-laid plans can be laid to ruin if we fail to do the right things every day. Instead, live life with daily diligence, an ethic or lifestyle that, for this article, I will call epiousios, the Greek word for “daily bread.”

I have been learning this in my own meditations in the recent months, and I made the serious connection to sports when the Miami Heat, after trading for Goran Dragic, saw their plans fall through when doctors discovered Chris Bosh had blood clots in his lungs. It turns out that the sobering truths of epiousios are ubiquitous in sports.

The Philadelphia 76ers’ plan is entirely based on their long-term potential, but if they don’t do the right things every day, no amount of losing for lottery picks will ever work. They still have…

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