Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a powerful man. He inherited his tall statue from his mother’s side, the Hases and the large-limbed Kalckreuths, and his supple strength from the Bonhoeffers. His movements were short and brisk. He didn’t like leisurely walks. A successful jumper and sprinter in his schooldays, he still competed with his students when he was a university lecturer.

He was impatient with illnesses and tried to shorten their duration through the copious uses of medicines. During periods of stress he did not hesitate to take pills in order to sleep.

He bought good material for his clothes and wore suits appropriate to the country and climate in which he lived, although he did not dress to impress others. He like to eat well and knew the specialties of many different regions. he was annoyed when the mushrooms or berries he had collected himself were badly prepared. 

…His hair became thin early in life, and he wore rimless glasses because of near sightedness. 

~ Eberhard BethgeDietrich Bonhoeffer: A Biography, xvii.