7. Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Letters And Papers From Prison.

This baby took me months to finish. Dietrich is my favorite theologian that I’ve discovered so far hands down. I fell in love with him through Eric Metaxas’ biography on his life, and I’ve been reading his work ever since. That being said, this book was worth the dry spells – it was all the recorded correspondence he had with family and friends while in prison, after all. But there were some deep thoughts not worth missing. I highlighted every nugget of wisdom and note that he scribbled that I somehow related to. I learned about family, working through spiritual dryness, perseverance, and true joy.

1 Samuel surprised me. Like I’ve said before, my Old Testament knowledge is dusty. I have three favorite parts in this book: Hannah’s prayer, Jonathan and David’s sweet friendship, and Abigail. Hannah’s prayer is one of the…

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