The Green Stick

Though the length of my posts here may lead you to believe otherwise, I’m actually stalling and holding back on some major downloads here on the Reformers – figuring you all like the light/personal stuff more than this heavy historical stuff I’m relating to how God changes the face of Christianity in one generation. To the delight of some of you I do have more of what I consider healthy-mental-diversion-stuff-for-me on topics like watches, classical guitars and Hogan’s Heroes. We are working our way through the six seasons of Hogan’s Heroes in the late evenings.

Thomas and Kaitlyn have some new posts up to share with you. Geneva was fun for me, but as you’ll read, not so much for them.  Kaitlyn came up to me in the Reformation bookstore after we walked through Calvin’s church/museum and said, “Dad, this is like a candy store to you isn’t it?” 

Kaitlyn is putting the…

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