Non-resistance, admirably character trait that it is, does have its downside. Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. exemplified non-resistance and it cost them their lives. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, anti- Nazi nonconformist, whose writings and life poured forth: “Turn the other cheek,” clearly understood “costly grace.” Had he eased up on his opposition to the Nazi regime his life may not have ended the way it did, being hung 2 weeks before Hitler’s suicide.

“Turn the other cheek.” (Matthew 5:38-42) I remember reading these passages as a relatively new Christian while in the midst of dealing with some rather confrontational situations. I took what I read in the best way my newly birthed Christian heart and mind could understand, and applied its teachings accordingly. The results left me feeling humiliated, shamed, hurt and confused. Many years later the preparatory passages in the Beatitudes (Matt. 5:1-12) preceding these were most helpful to reapply…

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