Reviewed Thought

This past week, I said goodbye to my intentional living community. We lived together for a whole year. We are seven diverse, uniquely-created people, but we did not once attempt to kill each other. We never had to ask who committed murder with the candlestick in the billiards room. We didn’t have billiards; we played darts.

All seven survived. What may be yet further surprising is that we all like each other after a year thrown together. Some people can hardly wait to leave their roommates far behind when their lease expires. I’ve felt the relief when it is time to move.

Living with people is hard. That’s not exclusive to romantic relationships. Life in shared space is guaranteed messiness, despite the clean freaks (maybe especially so). Yet even in the mess, community life can also be beautiful.

Saying goodbye was hard. Throughout the last week, I could physically sense myself building a brick…

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