Ty and Terri are from Omaha. The body of Jesus in Omaha was shocked by their deaths!

Living With Heart

I join the thousands of others who have a story about the far reaching impact of Pastor Ty and Terri Schenzel.

Yesterday, like countless of other people, I received some of the most devastating news I have ever received.  The text came at 8:15. Numbly, I walked to my bed, pulled my covers up protectively against the crushing grief that was threatening to consume me and told my husband that the news just couldn’t be true and I refused to believe it. I prayed it was all a very bad misunderstanding.  Social media was still silent, allowing me a few minutes to hope, but then the horrible news began to flood in around me from a million directions and I was devastated.  This news did not just devastate me, but also countless of others in our community and beyond. There would be a tremor of crushing grief that would course…

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