By David Ruzicka , CP Op-Ed Contributor

April 13, 2015
Quick answer: Of course! But that’s the wrong question so read on.

So I’ve heard some folks really don’t like Trump. I get it. He’s a proud and unrepentant adulterer, says he’s a Christian who’s never repented (two mutually exclusive positions), has called about 70 people names just during this primary cycle, and exhibits the emotional maturity of an eight-year-old bully in his speech and on twitter. One anti-Trump hashtag that has made the rounds is #MakeAmerica8Again.

But then I’ve heard Christian folks say, if he’s the nominee, they’ll vote Democrat. Which brings up an important question: can you be a Christian and vote Democrat?

Important: I’m not a Republican and this is not an endorsement of the Republican Party OR Donald Trump. I have no love for the establishment of that party.

Now before you get whacked out that a pastor is talking about politics, remember, the Word of God intersects with ALL areas of life.

There was another country where the pastors refused to talk about politics — Germany circa 1933-1945. Christian pastors thought that political parties shouldn’t be mentioned — too messy and “earthy,” while they were more “kingdom” minded. They praised Jesus in church while Jews were slaughtered in concentration camps.

Except for a small number of pastors. The most famous and politically radical member, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, is considered a hero today. He was hung for plotting to kill Hitler. Talk about a political move. Praise God for him! And how evil are those pastors who refused to “sully” themselves in politics.

So — I have no problem discussing politics and faith in areas where lives are actually at stake, and I hope you’ll understand why by the time you’re done reading.

So back where we started — can you be a Christian and vote Democrat?

Of course!


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