In the first days of 2018, the state of California rang in the new year with a controversial public policy change: legalizing recreational marijuana for people 21 and older. While marijuana policy reform advocates nationwide applaud the move, opponents like Bishop Ron Allen, a former drug addict, foresee legalized weed as California’s “downfall”.

Bishop Allen, president of the International Faith Based Coalition, shared his thoughts in a Tuesday episode of “‘Fox & Friends”

“Marijuana is still the number one gateway drug next to alcohol and the state of California is in for a great downfall. This is not the way to make money,” Allen declared.

In response to the popular argument that legalization of marijuana raises tax revenue and creates thousands of new jobs, Allen said that “the Holy Bible is still true, money is still the root to all evil.”

“It’s a sad day for the state of California and it is a betrayal for our elected officials to put political and financial gain in front of the public safety of the citizens of the state of California in the United States,” Allen continued.

According to ABC News, California Highway Patrol officers are issuing warnings to drivers, urging them to be aware of the possibility of increased impaired drivers on the road.

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