By Jesse T. Jackson

kobe bryant death

During his 20 year career with the Lakers, Bryant won five NBA Championships and two Olympic gold medals for the United States. He wasn’t perfect on or off the court, but strived to be the best he could be no matter what obstacle was in his way. That drive later became known as the ‘Mamba Mentality.

Kobe Bryant’s Death Makes Us Reflect

When the world loses someone it looks up to, admires, and sometimes emulates, it is hard to accept why God would allow something so tragic to happen to someone so young. At these times it helps to hear from Christian leaders, pastors, musicians, athletes, and others who believe in the mighty savior Jesus, to guide us well into hearing the Holy Spirit during sobering times like this.

May this remind us that the entire world around us longs for someone to worship, but most don’t even realize this until we lose a hero. Brothers and sisters, we have that eternal hope and life we can offer them. We can’t make them take it, but we can tell, express, and plead they know it before it is too late. May we worship our King Jesus in a way that makes others long to worship as well.

Join us in praying for all of the families who were affected by the crash yesterday.

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