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13 ‘Pokemon Go’ Church Signs That Now Exist

“Jesus Died to Catch ‘Em All!”

In the course of a week, the mobile app “Pokemon Go” has taken over the world, sending smartphone-wielding pixel hunters out into their communities to find virtual Kabutops and Jigglypuffs.

The game caused Nintendo stock to spike 70 percent, adding billions of dollars to the company’s value.

Churches, which are the home to thousands of “gyms” and Pokestops, have been an unexpected benefactor because they are essential stops for “Go” enthusiasts.

Of course, church signmakers are not ones to let an opportunity like this pass them by. Nay, it is the moment for culture’s great marquee poets to shine like never before. (H/T Twitter Moments)



Good Morning!

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday! We get to celebrate the greatest event in history: the physical resurrection of Jesus from the dead!

Worship begins at 10:15 am. There will be special music and a children’s sermon (no Children’s Church). I will preach about the resurrection and how it can make a difference in our lives based on Matthew 28:1-10.

He is Risen!

He is Risen Indeed!

Pastor Bryan

Here is a picture of Randy and me. He autographed his

Here is a picture of Randy and me. He autographed his “Welcome to Paradise” album.

“The physical presence of other Christians is a source of incomparable joy and strength to the believer”

~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Life Together

This evening at Harvey Oaks Baptist Church was the Annual Thanksgiving Service. Paul Yates of Tiny Hands International. It is a wonderful Christian organization out of Lincoln, NE that not only raises awareness of slavery and sex trafficking but also rescues young girls and boys out of that diabolical trade. Did you know there are 27 million slaves around the world and half of them are children? Are you aware that sex trafficking is alive and well in the United States? By that, I mean children and young people are sex slaves even the heart of the Midwest.

It should break our hearts!

Get involved by going to Tiny Hands International.

Lois and I attended the Release Ministries Annual Banquet this evening. Did you know that God began that wonderful ministry through two Harvey Oaks Baptist Church members? Back in 1994, God called Bill Ellett and Al Doney begin ministering to the youth at the Douglas County Youth Center!

God has used Release Ministries to transform the lives of hundreds of teenagers since then!

Let us pray that God will continue to reach incarcerated youth through the Release Ministries!

Pastor Bryan

I think it was when he decided to return to Germany from the United States in 1939…

Perhaps the inner conflict between bourgeois security and radical Christianity reached its most acute point in the summer of 1939. Faced with the imminent prospect of draft into Hitler’s army, Bonhoeffer accepted the invitation of Reinhold Neibuhr and Paul Lehmann to embark on a lecture tour in the United States. This was an opportunity to live in safety, to write and publish freely, and perhaps find a respite for his conscience as war clouds thickened over Europe. Earlier Niebuhr had successfully rescued Paul Tillich from his political dilemma in Germany. And now another of Germany’s brightest theological minds was arriving in the port of New York.

The opportunity afforded by bourgeois society were surfacing once again, but this time Bonhoeffer could find a salve for his troubled conscience. Arriving before 13 June, he sensed he had made a bad decision.

He managed to stay only a little less than a month. 

 (Craig J. SlaneBonhoeffer as Martyr: Social Responsibility and Modern Christian Commitment19)

Terry Caffey is the co-author of the book, Terror by NightThe back cover of the book summarizes Terry Caffey’s story…

Terror by Night is the emotionally gripping story of a daughter’s ultimate betrayal, a father’s unfathomable forgiveness, and a miraculous discovery that would destroy one man’s faith, spare two young lives, and restore peace to a small Texas town 

Terry will speak at Harvey Oaks Baptist Church in Omaha, Nebraska at 10:15 AM on Sunday, February 17, 2013

Westwood Baptist Church was organized on October 14, 1962. After a location change, it became Harvey Oaks Baptist Church…

This weekend was the 35 year high school class reunion (Millard High School in Omaha, NE, 1977). Many of my classmates and I attended Harvey Oaks Baptist Church, which, by the way is the church I am pastor of today. Today after church, we had 1970’s Harvey Oaks Baptist Church Youth Group Reunion. We had pizza, pop, desserts and lots of fun! Many of us are still walking with Jesus!

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