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Born: 4th February 1906

Died: 9th April 1945

The life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a remarkable one and serves as a perfect example of how our experiences can shape our view of God and other people. Bonhoeffer was a German pastor, theologian and a member of the resistance against the Nazi regime. His father was a psychiatrist, his mother a teacher and his mother’s father a protestant theologian, meaning that he would have been surrounded by academic thought and discussions from a young age.

Bonhoeffer completed his Staatsexamen, the equivalent of both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree, at the Protestant Faculty of Theology of the University of Tübingen. He went on to complete his Doctorate in Theology in 1927. After a time studying in New York, where Bonhoeffer encountered the idea of a gospel of social justice, he returned to Germany in 1931, becoming a lecturer…

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via The Faithful Spy: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Plot to Kill Hitler by John Hendrix

We must learn to pray. The child learns to speak because the parent speaks to the child. The child learns the language of the parent. So we learn to speak to God because God has spoken and speaks to us. In the language of the Father in heaven, God’s children learn to speak with God. […]

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In the autumn of 1913 Dietrich, like his brothers, went to Friedrich Werder Gymnasium. Despite the scientific bent of their father and the older brothers, as a matter of course all the children, including Christine attended schools with a strong humanities curriculum. Dietrich had shown occasional signs of nervousness and shyness earlier, and was initially quite unhappy on his way to school, but this soon changed. He was put in the eighth form, and found the work child’s play. In his 1915, New Year’s diary his father wrote: “Dietrich does his work naturally and tidily. He likes fighting, and does a great deal of it. 

Eberhard BethgeDietrich Bonhoeffer: A Biography (Revised Edition); Chapter 1: Childhood and Youth: 1906-1923, 24.

Sitting here, stomach full in a recliner on the Oregon coast, my mind has been fixated on the recent death of American missionary John Allen Chau. Chau was a 26 year old missionary who was working to make contact with the Sentinelese people–one of the last tribal; groups that still hunts and kills with the […]

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