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It is shocking, to me, that high profile sports events are environments for sex-trafficking. Can’t we just watch the game and the commercials? Pray that this diabolical trade will end!

~ Omaha World Herald, 1/31/19, 4A.

Posted: Jun 12, 2014 5:24 PM CDT Updated: Oct 24, 2014 11:00 PM CDT

By:  Melina Matthes
OMAHA (kptm) – Sex trafficking has been reported all over the world, in all 50 states and even in Nebraska.
With hundreds of thousands of people attending the College World Series, the FBI said it’s a big opportunity for crime, especially pimps trying to sell young girls as prostitutes.
A local group is now fighting the problem by hitting the streets and talking with fans.
Sex trafficking; investigators said during the College World Series women and girls are specifically brought to the area.
That’s because major sporting events like the College World Series create a demand for prostitutes.
“It’s never going to stop until people are going to step forward, take an active stand against it.”
Rachel Davis is taking a stand. She’s raising awareness of human trafficking in Nebraska and she wants baseball fans to be on the lookout.
“During large events there’s a lot more opportunity for trafficking to occur and so the World Series being one of those really large events in our state, we definitely decided we wanted to get involved and do something specifically to raise awareness.”
As a former victim, she started the “take a walk” campaign.
A chance to encourage the public to take action against an increasing problem that she says many try to ignore.
“If you need a face or a name to remember that this is something that is real, that is happening here in this state, look at me. Look at me and just remember that it’s not going away just because I got out of the life. It’s not going away just because you don’t hear about it every day. It’s there, it’s here, it’s real and it’s very much underground.”
She’s asking fans attending the College World Series to keep their eyes open and reach out to law enforcement officials if they see anything.
“If you hear somebody “looking for a good time” and those kinds of things are buzz words…

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This evening at Harvey Oaks Baptist Church was the Annual Thanksgiving Service. Paul Yates of Tiny Hands International. It is a wonderful Christian organization out of Lincoln, NE that not only raises awareness of slavery and sex trafficking but also rescues young girls and boys out of that diabolical trade. Did you know there are 27 million slaves around the world and half of them are children? Are you aware that sex trafficking is alive and well in the United States? By that, I mean children and young people are sex slaves even the heart of the Midwest.

It should break our hearts!

Get involved by going to Tiny Hands International.

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