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Today is an age of both great peace and great terror. We Christians in America live in great peace compared to the terror our brothers live in other nations – particularity those in ISIS territory. ISIS is an increasingly popular and powerful Islamic terrorist group. Some of you have heard of the butchering of Christians that ISIS broadcasted about a week ago, among other later grotesque broadcasts (murdering of women and children).
America and other nations are predicting that its power is growing as followers from Europe and USA join their cause (to have a pure Islamic country and the death of Christianity). It is also predicted that this war with ISIS will continue for years – not months to come.
Now that we have gotten a splash of cold water in our face and we begin to wake up to the realities most Christians face daily, you might be…

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Though the length of my posts here may lead you to believe otherwise, I’m actually stalling and holding back on some major downloads here on the Reformers – figuring you all like the light/personal stuff more than this heavy historical stuff I’m relating to how God changes the face of Christianity in one generation. To the delight of some of you I do have more of what I consider healthy-mental-diversion-stuff-for-me on topics like watches, classical guitars and Hogan’s Heroes. We are working our way through the six seasons of Hogan’s Heroes in the late evenings.

Thomas and Kaitlyn have some new posts up to share with you. Geneva was fun for me, but as you’ll read, not so much for them.  Kaitlyn came up to me in the Reformation bookstore after we walked through Calvin’s church/museum and said, “Dad, this is like a candy store to you isn’t it?” 

Kaitlyn is putting the…

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“One act of obedience is better than one hundred sermons”

~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Dietrich Bonhoeffer Quotes

What the German theologian is still teaching me on the 70th anniversary of his death.

Leading like Bonhoeffer

One evening, after his young students at the underground seminary of Finkenwalde had finished their supper, Dietrich Bonhoeffer went alone to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

He began the work alone, then requested the help of his pupils. But the seminarians did not budge, leaving Bonhoeffer alone scrubbing silverware. When no one offered to serve alongside him, he locked the door. When the students realized what he had done, they felt badly and finally offered to help. The door, however, remained locked and Bonhoeffer finished the work alone. His lesson was simple: service and leadership go together, and true service does not stem from lazy pity.

Each of the students at Finkenwalde had a number of these experiences when, because of his intense desire to teach them, Bonhoeffer would do or command something unusual in order to underscore the radical nature of life within the kingdom of God. To make disciples of Jesus in this upside-down kingdom required hyperbole and dramatic expression. And on one occasion, it meant locking the door while washing the dishes.

Thinking and doing

My introduction to Bonhoeffer came through his small book entitled, Psalms: The Prayer Book of the Bible. My wife had taken it off her stepmom’s bookshelf when we were in high school and dating. Near the end of that little book, Bonhoeffer’s best friend, Eberhard Bethge, wrote “A Biographical Sketch” of the pastor and theologian. In this section, Bethge describes his friend’s time as a leader of the secret, underground seminary.

‘[At Finkenwalde] he shared with them his personal belongings—material as well as spiritual—his time, and his plans. He was magnanimous … many students were at first startled by his strength and power of his thought but soon discovered that no one was able to listen to them so well and so completely, in order to be able to advise them and to make demands on them which none previously had been able to make with success. Here in the seminary everything was done in a fresh way.”

This short passage piqued my interested in Bonhoeffer, leading me to read Life Together and his Letters and Papers from Prison.

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Only 35% of U.S. Managers are Engaged.

From Blair Hodges | 07 Apr 2015

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Dietrich BonhoefferI’ve just been reading the last book published by Dietrich Bonhoeffer in his lifetime, before his arrest in 1941: The Psalms: Prayer Book of the Bible.

It’s a very short book – really only an essay, 24 pages long – but full of profound reflections on the psalms as a model for Christian prayer. Martin Luther was also a great lover of the Psalter, and Bonhoeffer quotes him on a number of occasions in the book. The interaction between Bonhoeffer and Luther is a good way to get a flavour for the book as a whole.

Bonhoeffer begins by reflecting on how the psalms are prayers that God has given us in his Word to pray back to him, just as Jesus taught us the Lord’s Prayer. As such, the two are closely interrelated:

All the prayers of the Bible are gathered together in the Our Father, taken up into its…

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By Trevin Wax


April 5, 2015


(See the previous post: My Jesus – Dead.)

Mary Magdalene went
and announced to the disciples,
“I have seen the Lord!” 
(John 20:18)


He is alive! This man from Nazareth, the Messiah of Israel, the Lord of the world.

With the breath of creation, He speaks of peace, faith, and mission.

With lungs full of air, He breathes on His disciples and grants His Spirit. My Jesus – alive!

The eyes that saw the darkness of death now drink in the sunlight of Easter. My Jesus – alive!

The arms that hung from a cross of wood now embrace a a world of grief. My Jesus – alive!

The hands that bear the scars of love now lift the head of doubters. My Jesus – alive!

The ears that were deafened by death are now filled with the joy of God’s people. My Jesus – alive!

The lips that that cried out, “Finished!” now promise ”I make all things new!” My Jesus – alive!

The voice that lay silent in the grave now sings the song of life. My Jesus – alive!

The feet that were wrapped in grave clothes now stroll the shores of Galilee. My Jesus – alive!

The heart that bled for sinfulness now beats again in righteousness. My Jesus – alive!

The Bread from heaven, a feast for earth.

The Light of the world, chasing away the shadows.

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Where God tears great gaps we should not try to fill them with human words.
They should remain open.
Our only comfort is the God of the resurrection,
the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
who also was and is his God.

– from “Circular Letters in the Church Struggle”

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7. Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Letters And Papers From Prison.

This baby took me months to finish. Dietrich is my favorite theologian that I’ve discovered so far hands down. I fell in love with him through Eric Metaxas’ biography on his life, and I’ve been reading his work ever since. That being said, this book was worth the dry spells – it was all the recorded correspondence he had with family and friends while in prison, after all. But there were some deep thoughts not worth missing. I highlighted every nugget of wisdom and note that he scribbled that I somehow related to. I learned about family, working through spiritual dryness, perseverance, and true joy.

1 Samuel surprised me. Like I’ve said before, my Old Testament knowledge is dusty. I have three favorite parts in this book: Hannah’s prayer, Jonathan and David’s sweet friendship, and Abigail. Hannah’s prayer is one of the…

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